Bronze Railing Designs

custom bronze railing design in a courtroom setting
Livers Bronze specializes in bronze architectural handrailing design, and is one of just a few companies who manufacture decorative, glass and LED railing systems in the U.S. All of our bronze handrailings are designed and manufactured right here in the U.S. using the highest quality materials and latest innovative design features. We’re one of the only manufacturers who offers installation services as well.

Designing with Bronze Requires Special Knowledge and Equipment

custom bronze architectural handrail design framing a stairwell in a buildingGiven bronze’s unique, and sometimes confusing characteristics, many manufacturers have simply eliminated the copper alloy from its product offerings. The average property owner and contractor know little about bronze’s maintenance and care, leaving many bronze railing features not quite what the architect intended. Designing, manufacturing and finishing bronze railings require specialized knowledge, experience and equipment, the kind Livers Bronze has.

The Livers Bronze Difference

Our in-house processes ensure every bronze railing system retains its original luster and timeless appeal. We can help you make your signature mark in any variety of spaces including office buildings, museums, libraries, theaters and more. Our bronze railing systems have been installed around the world and in all 50 states. View our list of local representatives or browse our list of innovate railing designs today. Livers Bronze. The nation’s leader in architectural handrailing systems.