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Marvel Over Our Manufacturing Process

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Fox Business News Network’s Manufacturing Marvels featured us in a two-minute segment that spotlights American manufacturers, their products and processes. Award-winning producers, Bob and Jerry May, and award-winning director, Bryan McCullough, produced it. Nationally-acclaimed voice talent and former news anchor for ABC and CBS, John Criswell, narrated the Livers Bronze story that began 70 years and three generations ago when there were only 6,000 television sets in U.S. homes.

The segment was filmed on location at our headquarters in Kansas City, and it highlights our handrail design and manufacturing capabilities, touting us as one of the last handrail companies in the U.S. and how we bring architects’ visions to life. You might recognize a few familiar faces, as well.

The segment debuted in prime time on April 21 and 22, 2016.

Livers Bronze Co. Marks Its 70th Year of Leading the Handrailing Industry in Innovative Design and Manufacturing

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KANSAS CITY, Mo., January 28, 2016: Family-owned Livers Bronze Co. is marking its 70th year in business by introducing new handrailing designs, a Revit family file system, and field measuring using laser scanning. Today, the 3rd generation of Livers is at the helm of the Kansas City-based company, which has become the nationwide leader in handrailing product design with manufacturing capacity that is second to none.

“Being one of the few companies in the U.S. to manufacture handrailings from the initial design to engineering and installation, we have the facility, equipment and know-how to allow for more imaginative systems. Combined with our focus on functionality and eco-consciousness, our systems are distinctive and innovative,” explains Deuce Livers, president.

In conjunction with the 70th anniversary, Livers Bronze published its latest product catalog featuring the company’s distinctive railing systems, including the latest designs and innovations. In addition to all of the new systems, custom design is always an option for those who want to put their unique signature on a commercial project.

Since 1946, the company has introduced some of the most cutting-edge features in railing systems. Illume is its latest. Illume LED lighting highlights any architectural style, and this energy efficient technology is an option with any Livers Bronze handrailing design. Illume LED fixtures are fully integrated and recessed into rails, making them a popular choice for exterior and interior applications.

In 2016, Revit family file systems, and field measurements using laser scanning will join the Livers Bronze lineup of industry-leading offerings.

Revit family systems’ customizable parameters allow control of the height and rotation of a handrail’s balusters, glass line and supports. Once unpinned, balusters, glass line and support elements slide on the host rail to the desired location, with the visibility option of turning them on or off or copying if needed. Revit files will be available for all Livers Bronze railing systems, and architects will be able to download the files then drop them into the actual project drawings.

Field measuring via laser scanning is even more accurate compared to traditional methods using tape measures. A dimension may be shown on the construction drawings, but the actual dimension may vary, from very small to large increments, depending on jobsite conditions. Field measuring allows for greater accuracy in manufacturing, installing the railing system and proper fitting. It saves time and money, ensuring the system is accurate when it arrives on the jobsite without requiring field modification.

“What continues to set us apart is our steadfast focus on handrailing system innovations, especially since handrailings manufactured overseas are homogenized. Livers Bronze stands for American-made quality and ingenuity. Our staff’s combined years of experience in handrailing design, manufacturing and installation totals nearly 1,000 years,” states Deuce Livers.

Visit to learn more about the impact Livers Bronze makes on the manufacturing and railing industries, as well as their latest railing system designs and projects.

About Livers Bronze Co.
Livers Bronze Co., headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, is the number one choice of renowned architects nationwide for decorative glass and metal railing systems. The company’s designs are legendary for their distinctive look, precision quality craftsmanship and enduring strength.

Livers Bronze handrailing designs are installed in museums, libraries, offices, airports, schools, theaters and more as showcase decorative glass and metal handrails. Functional and hardwearing, the systems have been installed in commercial facilities of all types around the world and in all 50 states.

Unlike the majority of U.S.-based manufacturers today, Livers Bronze is a one-stop company, designing, engineering and installing railing systems completely in-house.


Glass Magazine Includes Livers in Top Metal Companies Feature

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    The November issue of Glass Magazine featured metal companies and Livers Bronze was included as one of four companies named as newcomers to their list of “Top Metal Companies.” The list features the leading suppliers of metal products in the United States and Canada. Read more »

Retrofit Magazine Feature: Birthplace of Country Music Project

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Look Whos Acting Human Online

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It’s not just our tag line, it’s something we work towards every day: marrying function with beauty in our railing systems, but just as important is our customer and employee relationships. We were honored to be recognized by ThinkViral, a Kansas City-based social media and marketing company, for our commitment to good customer relations in their “Look Who’s Acting Human Online Showcase.” Read more »

Patrick Mar, December Employee of the Month

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Congratulations to Patrick Mar, our most recent Employee of the Month. Originally from Enid, Oklahoma, Patrick earned a bachelors degree in architecture from Oklahoma State University. He held various positions in the architecture and construction industry for more than 20 years, and even operated a toy store for a period of time.

When Patrick joined the Livers Bronze engineering team in 2013, he immediately became involved in some very demanding projects. He started off right away participating in field checks at challenging jobs such as the Birthplace of Country Music in Bristol, Va., and the University of Maryland Conference Center in Adelphi, Md. He is being recognized for his ability to work very efficiently as a team-player with a variety of people, and for his exceptional customer service skills.

In his spare time, Patrick enjoys collecting comics and toys and playing volleyball.

Livers Bronze Serves as a Leader in Commercial Railings Market

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Locally owned Livers Bronze Company continues to expand and diversify its product offerings in 2015, including its commercial railings.

“We recognize and appreciate the competitive nature of our business, so are constantly striving to differentiate ourselves from others in the railings business,” said President Deuce Livers. In addition to Deuce, other family members serving as company officers include Charlie Livers, executive vice president of sales and marketing; Brett Walter, executive vice president of finance, and Albert Livers, vice president of sales. Read more »

David Ramirez, February Employee of the Month

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Congratulations to David Ramirez, our February Employee of the Month. David was born and raised in the Argentine area in metropolitan Kansas City. The youngest of five children, he graduated from Harmon High School in Kansas City.

Before joining Livers Bronze, David worked at Turtle Wax, Teague Lumber and Mid Am Building. He is being recognized at Livers Bronze for his exceptional finishing skills, positive working attitude and professionalism.

David enjoys playing video games, being outside and loves to grill and cook alongside his dog, Flash. David and his wife, Kristie, are expecting a baby (their first!) in September.

Congratulations, David!

Rick Pulliam, January Employee of the Month

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Congratulations to Rick Pulliam, our January Employee of the Month. Rick joined the Livers Bronze family in 2006. His 30 years of experience serving as a millwright, along with his welding and layout skills, made him a perfect fit for our fabricating department. Rick is one of our most accurate fabricators. He has a very keen attention for detail, and stays working on a job until it is perfect. When Livers Bronze bought its first-ever Ironworker machine last year, Rick was instrumental in the initial set-up and operation.

Rick and his wife, Carol, have been married for 27 years. They have had the pleasure of raising their 17-year-old granddaughter, Desiree. In his spare time, Rick enjoys riding motorcycles and going to swap meets.

Thanks for your hard work Rick!

Mark Wallace, November Employee of the Month

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Congratulations to Mark Wallace, our November Employee of the Month. Mark was born and raised in Kansas City; however, his mother grew up in Kavala, Greece. Mark’s parents were married in Greece and later returned to the United States to start a family. Throughout his childhood years, Mark heard tragic stories about his mother’s experiences in Greece during World War II. He says that this helped him appreciate even more the privilege of living in America. Before joining Livers Bronze in 2006, Mark held positions as janitor, then worked his way up to jobs in TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding and finishing.

Mark feels blessed to work at a company where individual achievement and performance is part of the culture. He is very grateful to his co-workers for teaching and training him in the art of finishing. His hobbies include gardening and landscaping.

Mark’s award is especially noteworthy because this is the second time he has been named Employee of the Month during his 9-year tenure at Livers Bronze. So, we’re referring to it as the Bronze Award for Employee of the Month.

Congratulations, Mark!