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The Craftsmanship and Engineering to Bring Your Most Artistic Designs to Life

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With the handrailing designs, materials, features and engineering know-how at Livers Bronze, the bounds of what you design and what can be are virtually limitless. Whenever a project requires an intricate and artistic handrail to deliver that “wow” factor, our skilled craftsmen and engineers are some of the few people in the country able to see a custom handrail from design support all the way through installation.

Find Inspiration in Any of Our Existing Handrail Designs and Components
Livers Bronze has a portfolio of existing handrail designs and components that you can use as a springboard for your imagination. Combine elements from one railing system with another. Mix metals. Mix components and colors. The possibilities are virtually limitless, but what never changes is the aesthetics, form and functionality that only comes with Livers Bronze craftsmanship and engineering.

To get a sense of the possibilities with customizing one of our railing systems for a project, browse through our portfolio of custom handrails. From community hospitals and orchestra halls to university centers, customization options ranges from the smaller things like brackets to more conspicuous components like panels and shapes.

custom handrailing design for an outdoor patio area on a commercial buildingOptions, Options and More Options…
Of course, Livers Bronze offers the typical stainless steel and bronze, as well as creatively colorful options for powder coated metal finishes across the spectrum. Infill options include wire mesh, perforated metal, glass (flat, shaped, frosted and etched), cable and acrylic (for more color choices). Laser cutting opens the door to any number of patterns.

LED lighting puts your custom work in the spotlight. For beauty, functionality or both, LED lighting can be recessed into the railing, illuminating specific features or offering a safe lighted path for occupants.

Brainstorm and Develop Your Handrail Design Completely From Scratch – with American-Made Ingenuity and Quality
In the rare circumstance that one of Livers Bronze handrail designs doesn’t quite meet your vision, let’s start from scratch. Not only can we field measure, engineer, build and install your custom-designed handrail, but we’ll also ensure the railing is manufactured within structural limits, regulatory guidelines and IBC codes.

Never is it so crucial to work with Livers Bronze as when working with a custom handrail. Livers Bronze is a U.S. company, based in the heartland, Kansas City, MO. Our team designs, tests and retests your custom design to exceed industry standards. Every component is manufactured in our facility under our strict oversight and controls. While our team is working behind the scenes fabricating your custom handrail to the highest quality specifications, you’ll be working one-on-one with your project manager who will assure accuracy and timelines are met. Once engineered, tested and packaged – all performed in-house – trust Livers Bronze for full installation services.

The mix-match aspect is the easier customization to explain but we need to make sure that the point comes across very clearly, that the design of the railing system itself can be completely custom too; brackets, shapes, top rails and support rails can all be custom designed and engineered.

The Livers Bronze Difference
Livers Bronze specializes in custom handrailing design, and is one of just a few companies who manufacture decorative, glass and LED railing systems in the U.S, using the highest quality materials and latest innovative design features. We’re one of the only manufacturers offering installation services as well.

Our in-house processes ensure every custom railing system retains its original luster and timeless appeal. We can help you make your signature mark in any variety of spaces including office buildings, museums, libraries, theaters and more. Our custom railing systems have been installed around the world and in all 50 states. Livers Bronze is the nation’s leader in architectural handrail systems. Find a local representative or browse our list of innovative railing designs today.