Product Sheet


BASIC USE: Livers Bronze American railing system is a pre-engineered
component based railing system, shipped to the jobsite ready to install.

LIMITATIONS: American railing system is only limited by the materials from which it is fabricated.

Pre-engineered railing should be assembled using the components listed:

ATTACHMENT ASSEMBLIES: 5-1/4” diameter attachment hubs for ½” tempered or laminated glass applications. Hubs are stainless steel or steel and available in a powder coated finish spaced at 16” O.C. maximum. Distance from top of attachment to finish floor is critical – do not deviate from standard details.

HANDRAIL OPTIONS: Top rail is the top of the glass fitted with a stainless steel channel or another railing type – contact Livers Bronze for options.

ASSIST RAIL: 1 1/2” round stainless steel or bronze. 2” round hardwood (sanded only) also available.

INFILL OPTIONS: ½” tempered or laminated glass furnished by Livers Bronze for attaching to structure with glass hardware.

FINISHES: Circular grain satin finish is standard for stainless or bronze handrails. Satin or polished finish is available for stainless steel hardware. Powder coat finish is standard for steel hardware (20 standard colors). Wood to be sanded for final field finishing by others.

Technical Data

The American railing system is designed to meet performance criteria as outlined in IBC 2012.


Livers Bronze exclusively manufactures the handrail system as described on this page.


Livers Bronze American railing system must be attached with fasteners and to surfaces that are approved or selected by the manufacturer and must be detailed on all shop drawings.

Availability & Cost

Availability: American railing system is subject to current delivery schedules. Each project must be reviewed before scheduling is available.

Cost: Varies according to quantity and material. Further information may be obtained from Livers Bronze or one of its authorized representatives.


Livers Bronze warrants that its American railing system is of sound quality, conforming to standards as stated under “Technical Data” and is reasonably free of defects in material and workmanship. Inasmuch as Livers Bronze has no control over the installation of its products, no other warranty is expressed or implied. Livers Bronze does not warrant against glass breakage.


The surface of Livers Bronze material can be kept clean by the use of ordinary soaps and mild cleansers. Abrasive cleaners should not be used.

Technical Services

Technical services are rendered direct from Livers Bronze in Kansas City, Missouri.