The Illusion of Floating Glass

This point supported structural glass system uses high strength machined steel Bloks to support ½” tempered or laminated glass balustrade panels. The Bloks are standard in powder coat, with optional stainless steel, bronze, perforated metal and wood finish covers. Livers Bronze Co. designed the Blok system to allow for maximum adjustability for field tolerances. Only available with ½” tempered or laminated glass panels, this system truly gives the floating appearance often associated with glass railing design.

The Blok railing system incorporates three mounting styles to allow the Architect a range of flexibility in design and practical application. Each style has been individually tested to ASTM935 & 985 standards to meet loading requirements and performance as outlined in I.B.C. 2006 code.

The top mount and side mount styles incorporate steel mounting blocks that are field welded to embeds at the time of field measuring. This allows for the installation of drywall or other finishes prior to final assembly / installation of the glass and railings. The core drilled style for top mount only, is laid out and drilled at the time of final installation after the floor finish is applied.

The greatest advantages of the Livers Blok Railing System include lower material cost, less installation time and innovative design incorporating multiple finish opportunities. The end result is a precisely manufactured, stunning glass railing system.