Delicate Strength Reflected in a Minimalist Design

The Plank handrail design is reflective of strength through softness, elegant in form, clean in functionality. Above all, Plank handrails deliver minimalist style that allows the building’s architectural context to take precedent.

Plank combines a thin post design with a unique handrail bracket, which is available in stainless and powder-coated steel. Opt for energy efficient LED illumination that can be fully integrated into Plank’s design and recessed into the handrail. The result is not only beautiful as it shines down on the “planks” of glass, but also subtle as it lights the way for occupants.

Don’t be fooled by the minimalist and simple design elements. Plank handrails are engineered for strength, just like all Livers Bronze designs. The glass “planks” serve as the foundation that gives Plank handrails their enduring might capable of withstanding heavy use.