Shedding Light on the Benefits of Using LED Illumination in Commercial Architectural Handrail Systems

Commercial architects are using Livers Bronze LED illuminated exterior and interior handrail systems to put an exclamation mark on their commercial designs. It’s no wonder considering the benefits LED lighting brings not only to the design aspect, but also energy efficiency and safety.

When working with glass and metal exterior or interior handrailings, architects are replacing traditional fluorescent, incandescent or halogen fixtures with LED integrated handrailings as an innovative and eye-catching alternative. LED makes the most sense if you’re looking for energy saving solutions and improved safety features without sacrificing aesthetics.

LED illuminated handrails drastically reduce energy and maintenance costs.
Livers Bronze LED illuminated handrails consume far less energy than traditional lighting, which reduces utility costs. LEDs emit more light per watt and burn ten times longer than fluorescent bulbs and up to 30 times longer than halogen bulbs. This long life span cuts down on expensive bulb replacement and frequent maintenance. Livers Bronze is known for rugged designs and housings, so installations in wet environments are always an option.

LEDs outperform traditional lighting with reduced noise and heat output. Since LEDs minimize heat build-up, they are the lighting choice for commercial handrail systems with recessed lighting. All these combined help to reduce your carbon footprint, and that’s good for everyone.

Livers Bronze was green before green was a thing. Offering LED illuminated handrail systems was just a natural path given our early years as Livers Lighting and Bronze Co., specializing in custom light fixtures. The processes we follow when manufacturing glass and metal handrail systems are sustainable, plus we use recyclable materials and offer architects green options.

LED-lit handrailing puts lighting exactly where it needs to be.
LED handrail lighting eliminates the need for ancillary lighting because LEDs can be placed exactly where they need to be to make areas safer for the public. LEDs reflect brightly on walking surfaces without adding ambient light like other lights do, which is especially important in museums, theaters, and such.

Incandescent and fluorescent bulbs are fragile and prone to break when hit or bumped, which puts the public at risk of glass cuts and toxic mercury exposure. LED lights are manufactured with solid-state components and contain no filament or mercury.

LEDs retain a beautiful handrailing system’s aesthetics.
LED lighting from Livers Bronze uniquely complements or highlights any architectural and design style. Architects have used our variety of customizable handrailing designs and variety of alternative finishes and mounting options to make design statements in museums, libraries, offices and theaters. LED illumination is 100 percent recessed into our handrails. Dealing with extra wiring or glued on LED lighting strips are never an issue with Livers Bronze handrails.

Over the past few years, demand for LED illuminated handrails has increased exponentially as more and more architects refuse to settle for less than energy efficiency and safety without sacrificing design. Livers Bronze is meeting this growing demand with distinctive architectural handrail systems with optional energy efficient LED illumination technology.

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