An architect’s name might not be emblazoned on the building, but the feelings of ownership and pride are just as strong. Almost every building has its own unique feel and sense of style. It’s the architect’s job to meld these together in a way that is functional and enduring.

We feel the same way about our commercial handrailing systems. Livers Bronze is one of the last remaining U.S.-based handrailing manufacturers, and we’ve been in business since 1946. Every aspect of design, manufacturing and testing is performed right here in the Midwest by skilled craftsmen, most of which have been with Livers for decades. In fact, products designed by the first generation of Livers are still used today in some of the most historic buildings in Kansas City and around the world.

Now the third generation is at the helm of our design and manufacturing operations. There are some things that have changed over the years. Livers Bronze is part of the process for LEED certification. All of our handrailing systems are manufactured with recycled materials. Even the wood we use is FSC certified. We’re big believers that green isn’t just a color. It’s a way of life.

The one constant throughout our long and rich history is our spirit and passion for design. Livers Bronze offers the widest array of designs on the market, from traditional to modern and every style in between. If you’re determined to create a style like no one has ever seen before, we’ve got you covered there too. Every Livers handrailing system, along with every component and material, can be customized to your vision.

Livers Bronze handrailings are the systems of choice for architects who want to leave their mark on museums, libraries, offices and theaters with the help of decorative, yet functional and hardwearing, glass and metal handrails.

Like architects, Livers Bronze combines form and function. We put just as much thought and care behind the manufacturing process as we do design. Our handrailing systems are also unique in the fact that they come ready to assemble with easy-to-understand drawings and instructions written in plain English. One subcontractor can handle the installation from start to finish, saving time, money and frustration in the end. And given our central Midwest location, we’re easily accessible by both coasts.