Cable Handrails Woven to Perfection

Woven wire and stainless steel cables are both very popular choices for decorative infill panels. Stainless steel cables for railing systems should be a minimum of 3/16” in order to minimize the deflection of the cables between the posts. Stranded stainless steel cable and stainless steel fittings are the choice for cable infills. During the design process it should be noted that termination points for cable assemblies is a critical component of the railing design due to the forces exerted by the cables when fully tensioned. Your specified railing supplier should be knowledgeable on the proper design solutions and how to properly execute a cable railing system.

Woven wire panels come in a wide variety of designs, wire thicknesses, metals and applicable framing solutions. There are several suppliers of woven wire with designs to choose from – these are from simple gridded designs to very complex woven patterns. A review of your selected design with your specified railing supplier is warranted in order to assure that the pattern can be appropriately framed and is capable of holding up under abuse. The material of choice is generally stainless steel – the wire is left in a mill finish and the framing material provided in a non-directional or bead blasted finish. Typical railing hardware is used to attach the framed panels to the post assemblies within the specified railing system.   

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