Commercial Handrailing Materials for Appearance & Performance

We work with a wide range of durable materials, including stainless steel, steel, bronze, glass, aluminum, hardwood, cable and custom design. We understand that selecting the right architectural material for your railing system is a critical decision–it must fit within your design criteria and deliver results that are aesthetically pleasing and meet all performance and safety standards.

At Livers Bronze, we make it our mission to work closely with you during the design process and use our years of experience to help you select the right handrailing material that will deliver the best results. Everything about our commercial railing system craftsmanship is based on aesthetics, form, functionality and safety. Our passion for extraordinary design is only matched by our commitment to building products that are engineered to perfection. Our handrailing materials are timeless and easy to maintain. Also, each railing system design has a wide range of infill options and finishes for you to choose.