Commercial Railing Systems

Livers Bronze creates commercial railing systems made from stainless steel, bronze, glass, perforated metal, and more. What our team of commercial handrails and railings designers and fabricators do is work with inanimate railing materials with an end user-centric approach in mind to enhance the human experience and interaction in all types of commercial buildings.

All the aspects that go into each commercial handrail design and commercial railing system are based on three pillars: aesthetics, form and functionality. Does the commercial handrail design complement the building’s interior and exterior design? Does the commercial railing system function in form, as well provide safety, for people using the space? Livers Bronze’s trained, experienced team ensures the answers to those key questions are yes. Aesthetics, form and functionality guide every step of the process, from original commercial handrail design concepts and manufacturing to the on-site installation.

Commercial Handrails and Railings Manufactured in the Midwest with Excellence

Livers Bronze not only proudly supplies you with a U.S.-manufactured commercial railing system, but also our team of creative and technical personnel is dedicated to quality craftsmanship, superior service and maintaining long-term relationships with those who understand the role commercial handrails and railings play in commercial environments.

When it comes to commercial railing system projects, we see our role as:

  • Designing, testing and retesting our commercial handrails and railings to exceed industry standards
  • Assisting architects through all stages of planning and designing the commercial railing system
  • Engineering every rail aspect to fit and look beautiful
  • Manufacturing every component in our own facility to meet the highest standards and controls
  • Assigning a project manager to each job to assure accuracy and meet timelines
  • Offering factory-trained and experienced installation and field measuring services to avoid surprises or delays

Livers Bronze Railing Systems

Architects and Contractors Alike Appreciate Working the Thought and Workmanship That Go into Our Commercial Railing Systems

Livers Bronze handrailing systems are a top choice for architects who want eye-catching, yet functional and durable, commercial railing. Our handrailing systems are unique because they come ready to assemble with user-friendly drawings and instructions written in plain English. One subcontractor can handle installing our commercial railing systems, from start to finish.

Livers Bronze Button glass railings were installed along the interior stairways at an office project, Austin, Texas, and were Made in the USA.