A Mirror Image of Your Creativity

Architects are "lining up" for Illume Linear. Linear is an LED lighting system that is all the rage with a tendency to add reserved flair to any architectural style or structure feature. Livers Bronze is incorporating this energy efficient technology as an option with any Livers railing system.

Linear LEDs aren't like others. They do not require extra wiring or adhering to a glue strip, so they blend perfectly into many railing designs available. Linear LED lighting is fully integrated into any handrailing system and recessed into the rail. And when they're installed with glass railing, the result is truly remarkable.

In addition to Linear's aesthetic appeal, there are the safety factors. Gorgeous and smart. Linear LED rail lighting reflects brightly on any walking surface with a subtle glow that doesn't detract from the handrailing's beauty or design like harsher lighting does. With Linear, you can eliminate the need for auxiliary lighting because LEDs can be placed exactly where they should be positioned for public safety purposes.