Beautiful Steel Handrails Built to Last

One of the most popular handrailing materials is steel because it’s available in several shapes and forms. Known for its versatility, steel can take on a number of appearances. It’s just a matter of choosing your finish.

Some of the most common steel finishes in architectural applications are:

Field Painted Finishes

  • Generally preferable to provide a completely shop finished product for final installation.
  • Generally reserved for products that have been welded and constructed on site.
Blasted Finishes

  • Produced by the impact of a hard, inert medium onto the stainless steel surface resulting in a non-directional, uniform matte surface with low reflectivity.
  • Should be done only with a fabricator familiar with the process, samples obtained and a control sample put in place for the final work.
  • Should receive a clear coating once the blasting is completed to seal the material against corrosion.

Powder-Coated Finishes

  • Available in a wide variety of colors, textures and finishes.
  • Perfect solution for long term durable finishes for steel. 
  • Retain the raw steel appearance with clear matte and glossy powder-coat finishes.

Patina Finishes

  • Chemical finishes that change the color of the raw metal.
  • Ideally applied to bead blasted or sand blasted materials and are clear coated once the desired color has been achieved.
  • Includes blackened steel finishes.
  • The final color can be slightly different from piece to piece and visible streaking will be part of the final finish.

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