Livers Bronze handrailing systems are different right out of the box. Yes, literally out of the box. Our handrailing systems arrive in perfect condition ready for assembly with drawings and instructions written in plain English.

They are designed, manufactured and packaged for delivery in a way that one sub can handle the entire project from start to finish. No glass guy. No wood craftsmen. No painters. No separate services. Just one sub – from unpacking and assembly all the way through installation.

Most handrailings today are manufactured in India and China, and you sure can tell when the system arrives in bits and pieces with little to no legible installation instructions to follow. Crews are left to “MacGyver” their way through it with some screws and dental floss.

And design? Vanilla. Overseas manufacturers take an assembly line approach, spitting out handrailing after handrailing without any thought to the aesthetic nature of system. They all look the same and they are all a pain to assemble and install.

Livers Bronze is one of the few U.S.-based handrailing system manufacturers left. We are solidly rooted at our 127,000 sq. ft. building in Kansas City, Missouri. Every square inch is dedicated to manufacturing and customizing handrailings. Our operations, fabrication, metal finishing, machining, rolling and bending, sheet metal work and state-of-the-art system testing happens under one roof—our roof by our skilled craftsmen. Livers is bondable and insurable, and we’re not going anywhere.

There are a lot of things that can go wrong on a job for a contractor. Plus, there are little things that just push your buttons. Livers Bronze can’t promise that you won’t have to explain why something won’t work in the field to the architect. We can’t guarantee your crew will show up on time. What we can tell you is that when our handrailing systems arrive on site, installation could just be the easiest part of the whole job.