Glass Handrails Easily Blend or Contrast with So Many Styles

Glass can be clear, ultra clear, and a variety of colors using colored glass or interlayers. Patterned glass and glass with applied films are also options.There are so many possibilities when it comes to selecting glass, such as tempered monolithic glass or tempered laminated glass. Whatever your design and glass type, be sure that you start with a review of the local code in order to establish the correct specification for the glass. Why?

Certain municipalities have made changes to the codes that govern railings, and 2015 IBC requires the use of laminated glass in all railing installations.Understand glass tolerances, edge work and the vulnerability of the exposed edge of the glass when selecting and designing glass in railings can save frustration and hassles when time comes for installation and inspections.

Location. Building codes. Construction codes. Aesthetics and functionality. Application and more. Glass and glass panel railings are a common design element in many buildings and public facilities today because they easily blend or contrast with so many styles. At Livers Bronze, our in-house processes ensure every glass panel railing system retains its original luster and timeless appeal.

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