Innovative, Eye-Catching LED Illuminated Handrail Design

LED lighting from Livers Bronze uniquely complements or highlights any architectural and design style. Architects have used our variety of customizable handrailing designs and variety of alternative finishes and mounting options to make design statements in museums, libraries, offices and theaters. LED illumination is 100 percent recessed into our handrails. Dealing with extra wiring or glued on LED lighting strips are never an issue with Livers Bronze handrails.

Over the past few years, demand for LED illuminated handrails has increased exponentially as more and more architects refuse to settle for less than energy efficiency and safety without sacrificing design. Livers Bronze is meeting this growing demand with distinctive architectural handrail systems with optional energy efficient LED illumination technology.

facilities today because they easily blend or contrast with so many styles. At Livers Bronze, our in-house processes ensure every glass panel railing system retains its original luster and timeless appeal.

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Livers Bronze LED Railing Systems