Case Studies

Valencia Place

This project was situated in the heart of the exclusive Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, Mo. To meet safety codes, the property owner was required to provide lighting along the outdoor staircase. The aesthetics of this job were extremely important given its prestigious location. The Country Club Plaza is centered around Spanish-themed architecture, so it was important to maintain that look and preserve the stairs’ decorative, mosaic tiles. Therefore, step lighting was ruled out.  

Instead, Livers Bronze designed and installed hand railings with discreet, mini puck LED lighting. Additionally, because this venue occasionally serves as an event space, it was important to provide sturdy railings to support audiences leaning against or sitting on them. In anticipation of this, Livers Bronze employees engineered reinforced railing brackets and railing posts. Once in place, the railings served to provide not only a secure environment for outdoor crowds, but also the perfect lighting effect.

Whole Foods Market

This project featured a national supermarket franchise that specializes in high quality natural and organic products.  When it was announced that another store was going to open in Austin, Texas, the client expressed interest in incorporating one of its corporate colors into the overall railing design.

Working from our plant in the heartland of the U.S., Livers Bronze – which provides a host of metal finishing options – engineered and fabricated a system that showcased orange, powder-coated posts to match the corporate orange of the retailer. Our ingenuity and knowledge of powder-coat finishing was greatly appreciated, and a stunning look is now on display throughout the store.

Iowa State MacKay Hall

Located in the center of a major college campus, this auditorium serves as a premier facility for a variety of student functions.  One trademark of the space is a trio of arched windows standing 16-feet tall to provide an open setting. When the auditorium received funding for a major upgrade, the original two-tier design was converted into stadium seating.

A clean, open look was still desired. In keeping with this, Livers Bronze created a railing system featuring stylish, low-profile posts, coupled with the illusion of floating glass railings. The final effect was stunning, yet subtle, and contributed to the spacious look of the venue.