Livers Bronze Co. Adds Power Saving LED Lighting Options to Its Entire Line of Handrailing Systems

For the first time since the 1970s, Livers Bronze Co. adds LED lighting options to its full line of distinctive glass and metal handrailing systems. LED illuminated handrails are soaring in popularity among builders, architects and lighting experts thanks to their energy saving, safety and aesthetic benefits. Livers Bronze sees high demand for its Illume LED handrail lighting as an innovative alternative to traditional fluorescent, incandescent or halogen bulbs. 

Compared to customary lighting, LED illuminated handrails consume dramatically less energy, reducing utility costs and carbon footprint. LEDs are UL listed (interior and exterior) and emit light for up to 50,000 hours—ten times longer than the best fluorescent bulbs and up to 30 times longer than halogen bulbs. A long life span virtually eliminates expensive bulb replacement and frequent maintenance. Producing more light per watt, LEDs outperform traditional lighting with reduced noise and heat output. Since LEDs do not contribute to heat build up, it is perfect for recessed lighting applications like handrailing.

“Livers Bronze Co. has long been known as environmental stewards. Our glass and metal handrailing manufacturing process is sustainable, using recyclable materials and green options. So many of our clients are seeking energy saving solutions and improved safety features without sacrificing aesthetics. Reintroducing Illume LED illumination to our full product line is a natural step for us. The original Livers Lighting and Bronze Co., specialized in custom light fixtures so lighting is in our roots,” states Charlie Livers, Executive Vice President.

LED rail lighting eliminates the need for auxiliary lights because LEDs can be placed exactly where they need to be for public safety. LEDs reflect brightly on any walking surface, yet gives off a subtle glow that doesn’t increase light pollution like harsher lighting does. No light spill is essential in environments like museums and theaters. Unlike fragile incandescent and fluorescent bulbs that can break when jarred or bumped, LED lights are made with solid-state components and contain no filament or toxic mercury.

Livers Bronze Co.’s variety of 14 customizable handrailing designs appeal to architects making their signature mark in museums, libraries, offices and theaters. The idea of hiding extra wiring or gluing on an adhesive LED strip is cringe worthy. Illume LED handrail lighting is fully integrated into any Livers system and recessed into the rail. Illume is especially stunning reflecting above glass handrailings.