Look Who’s Acting Human Online

It’s not just our tag line, it’s something we work towards every day: marrying function with beauty in our railing systems, but just as important is our customer and employee relationships. We were honored to be recognized by ThinkViral, a Kansas City-based social media and marketing company, for our commitment to good customer relations in their “Look Who’s Acting Human Online Showcase.”

Look Who’s Acting Human Online Showcase: Livers Bronze

By ThinkViral

When we looked at Livers Bronze online, we quickly discovered they are living proof of what their website says they are: We build railings and relationships. The local Kansas City company founded back in 1932, has kept its roots and family ties in Kansas City for over 80 years. While the company has changed and expanded many times over, their commitment to good customer relations is still at the heart of their business which is why we’ve taken notice! When we hear about companies who have great customer service, their social media presence is often not far behind. As predicted, Livers Bronze has their bases covered and are primarily using Facebook to humanize the face of their brand.

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