Marvel Over Our Manufacturing Process

Fox Business News Network’s Manufacturing Marvels featured us in a two-minute segment that spotlights American manufacturers, their products and processes. Award-winning producers, Bob and Jerry May, and award-winning director, Bryan McCullough, produced it. Nationally-acclaimed voice talent and former news anchor for ABC and CBS, John Criswell, narrated the Livers Bronze story that began 70 years and three generations ago when there were only 6,000 television sets in U.S. homes.

The segment was filmed on location at our headquarters in Kansas City, and it highlights our handrail design and manufacturing capabilities, touting us as one of the last handrail companies in the U.S. and how we bring architects’ visions to life. You might recognize a few familiar faces, as well.

The segment debuted in prime time on April 21 and 22, 2016.