Livers Bronze Serves as a Leader in Commercial Railings Market

Locally owned Livers Bronze Company continues to expand and diversify its product offerings in 2015, including its commercial railings. “We recognize and appreciate the competitive nature of our business, so are constantly striving to differentiate ourselves from others in the railings business,” said President Deuce Livers. In addition to Deuce, other family members serving as company officers include Charlie Livers, … Read More

Shedding Light on the Benefits of Using LED Illumination in Commercial Architectural Handrail Systems

Commercial architects are using Livers Bronze LED illuminated exterior and interior handrail systems to put an exclamation mark on their commercial designs. It’s no wonder considering the benefits LED lighting brings not only to the design aspect, but also energy efficiency and safety. When working with glass and metal exterior or interior handrailings, architects are replacing traditional fluorescent, incandescent or … Read More

State-Of-The-Art Laser Fabrication For Architectural Sheet Metal

Architectural sheet metal design, handrailing and advanced laser technology are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, the latest laser cutting technology is an essential tool in our arsenal to carry out your most intricate projects without sacrificing design elements or material integrity. Livers uses this technology for our architectural sheet metal design and handrailing systems, along with various components and … Read More

Livers Brothers Celebrate 40 Years Working Together

As published in the May, 2014 issue of Thinking Bigger, page 17. Livers Bronze has always been a family affair, ever since Dick Livers and two of his brothers formed the bronze-casting company 68 years ago. Today, the company is nationally known for its handrails, and Dick’s children are in charge. Richard “Deuce” Livers is the company president; Charlie Livers … Read More

Livers Bronze Provides Relief to Tornado Victims

In response to the devastating tornadoes in May in the South, Livers Bronze organized a drive to aid victims. One employee of Livers Bronze, Eric Rush, is from Louisville, Mississippi. Sadly, some of Eric’s friends died in the storm; others close to him were left with nothing. When the news spread about Eric’s loved ones, Livers Bronze employees wanted to … Read More

Make Bronze Railing Systems A Reality With The Right Fabricator

Bronze is a unique material that has been incorporated into structures dating back to ancient times, most notably Chinese Dynasties from thousands of years BC and the ancient Greco and Roman eras. The material is the namesake of the Bronze Age. Bronze is an alloy consisting primarily of copper, usually with tin as the main additive. Bronze is a beautiful … Read More

Choosing And Caring For Stainless Steel Railing Systems

Stainless steel is the material of choice for discriminating architects looking for a distinctive railing system to make a big design impact. It’s easy to see why given stainless steel’s beautiful, clean look and resistance to corrosion. Plus it plays well with other materials to create a truly unique feel. With a stainless steel railing system, the design limits are … Read More

Livers Railing System in New Joplin Elementary School

The new Soaring Heights Elementary School in Joplin, MO opened January 9th after the tragic tornado of May 22, 2011 destroyed their schools. The Eagle’s Nest at Soaring Heights offers the students a place to gather for learning outside the classroom. Livers Railings were used surrounding this area, we are very proud to be a part of their new building … Read More

Livers Bronze Railing System Installed in Award-Winning Development

The Kansas City Business Journal Capstone Awards program, now in its eighth year, honors outstanding real estate and development projects and the companies, organizations and individuals behind them. The Capstone program is more than a listing of the biggest or most expensive projects in the metropolitan area. Rather, it celebrates projects that are helping to shape the community.