The Benefits of Choosing U.S.-Based Commercial Railing Systems

Commercial railing systems are crucial components in ensuring people’s safety and support within various buildings and areas. When it comes to purchasing these commercial handrails, it is essential to select a reliable source that offers high-quality products meeting safety standards. For many contractors and architects, the numerous advantages of opting for U.S.-based commercial railing systems, particularly those offered by trusted … Read More

Livers Bronze Mirage Commercial Railing Design Mirrors Porsche’s Sleek Models at Austin Showroom

Livers Bronze polished, stainless steel cable Mirage commercial railing design and Porsche automobiles share several design features that make them both beautiful and visually appealing. First, both the cable handrailings and the cars feature sleek and modern lines that convey a sense of speed, elegance, and sophistication. The polished stainless steel of the cable handrailings gives them a reflective quality … Read More

A Guide to Choosing the Right Materials for Commercial Handrails

Livers Bronze Panel aluminum railings with hardwood top rail were installed at the interior balcony at Rio Bank, McAllen, Texas, and were Made in the USA.

If you only care how commercial handrails look, it’d be a lot easier to choose the right materials to create them. However commercial handrails must be safe and functional on top of eye catching. Let handrail use, environmental conditions, location, load requirements and view help guide you to choose the right materials for commercial handrails. Commercial railings that don’t withstand … Read More

Livers Bronze Co. Celebrates its 75th Anniversary

Kansas City, Mo., December 14, 2021: Family-owned Livers Bronze Co. is proud to announce its 75th anniversary as a leading designer and manufacturer of commercial hand railing systems. Founded by the Livers brothers; Dick, Harold and John in 1946, Livers Bronze began as a provider of bronze grave markers to local cemeteries and over the ensuing years branched out into … Read More

Livers Bronze Sponsors a Free Continuing Education Opportunity

Enroll in Free Online Course Sponsored by Livers Bronze. Part of the mission at Livers Bronze is to offer free continuing education opportunities to architects to help them maintain their professional credentials and stay up-to-date on industry trends and standards. In support of this mission, Livers Bronze proudly sponsors a free online course provided by Ron Blank & Associates, Inc. … Read More

Glass and Acrylic Infill Panels for Railing Systems

With their clean and minimalist appearance, glass infill panels and acrylic infill panels are popular elements used in railing systems for several types of buildings such as commercial office buildings, educational facilities, airports and more. Glass and acrylic panels in commercial railing systems open up the space and provide the opportunity to offer a clear line of sight from many … Read More

Key Questions to Ask When Selecting a Material for Railing Systems

Combining look, feel, safety and performance, and still bringing the design vision to life A key element of choosing a material for a railing system is whether it’s the best fit for the overall design. It’s easy to choose based on looks alone, but that’s not necessarily the right material to meet ALL expectations in the end. You might even … Read More

Livers Bronze Metal Finishing: The Last But Certainly Not the Least Step

Offering a wide variety of metal finishes from which to choose and done right is why customers turn to Livers Bronze. While finishing is the last step, it’s also the one that can turn a metal handrail or ornamental piece into a distinctive one. At Livers Bronze, there is just one quality method for metal finishing, the best. We train … Read More

Marvel Over Our Manufacturing Process

Fox Business News Network’s Manufacturing Marvels featured us in a two-minute segment that spotlights American manufacturers, their products and processes. Award-winning producers, Bob and Jerry May, and award-winning director, Bryan McCullough, produced it. Nationally-acclaimed voice talent and former news anchor for ABC and CBS, John Criswell, narrated the Livers Bronze story that began 70 years and three generations ago when … Read More

Livers Bronze Co. Marks Its 70th Year of Leading the Handrailing Industry in Innovative Design and Manufacturing

KANSAS CITY, Mo., January 28, 2016: Family-owned Livers Bronze Co. is marking its 70th year in business by introducing new handrailing designs, a Revit family file system, and field measuring using laser scanning. Today, the 3rd generation of Livers is at the helm of the Kansas City-based company, which has become the nationwide leader in handrailing product design with manufacturing … Read More